The Magic of Giving

Hear from The Seattle Aquarium, Pacific Science Center, IslandWood, and other organizations who have benefited from early childhood education grants from the Ackerley Foundation.


Ensuring that every child’s education begins at birth.

An infant begins life totally dependent on others. Within five years, that same child can walk and communicate with the world. The Ackerley Foundation focuses on this time of rapid development to prepare our children for school and continued learning throughout their lives.


Talk To Your Baby: Her Brain Depends On It

October 14th, 2014
It turns out there’s a simple step parents can take to help keep their children on course, starting in year one, something most people take for granted: Baby talk. · Read More

With Opening Of Seattle’s ‘First Place,’ Charter Schools Have Arrived In Washington

September 4th, 2014
A longtime Seattle private school will re-open its doors Wednesday as a charter school, the first to do so under a new state law that lets nonprofit organizations use state dollars to run public schools. · Read More

Making the Most of Everyday Moments

With its simple and powerful message, the "Love. Talk. Play." campaign is helping new parents prepare their children for success in school and life. Learn More »